My challenge

LouiseI have taken up a challenge for myself. I want all the plants in my backyard to have only red, orange, yellow or white flowers. I also want a variety in shape and colour of the foliage. And last but not least I want to have something flowering in every season. If the flowers smell nice on top of that I am as happy as can be. I love warmth and I try to create a Mediterranean atmosphere.

In the front yard I have chosen the colours blue, purple, pink and white. There is a large choice in those colours because there are more plants in those colours. The only challenge there is that there is not much sun there. That means I am limited to plants for part shade and shade. In the front yard I also want flowers during the whole year and preferably flowers with a lot of fragrance.

By being so particular about colour I encountered the problem that the colours of the flowers in a photograph are often not the same colours in reality. You also often see an enormous amount of flowers on a photograph or just a close-up of a flower. I want to know what the whole plant looks like and also what the plant looks like when it is not flowering. Most of the plants do not bloom that long after all. A plant has to have an ornamental value without the flowers. That is personal for everyone of course.

When you buy plants in a shop or garden centre it is possible that the labels with the specific information have been switched or misplaced. The result is that you find out later that the flowers of the plant in your garden do not look like the flowers on the label. It is my experience that you have to buy plants in bloom to be sure that de flowers have the desired colour. The photograph that is used in the details about the plant is not always correct or even absolutely incorrect. Especially the colour red seems to be difficult to show in a photograph. If there is no photograph at all then the word “red” is no guarantee.

When you buy the plants online in a web shop you have only the information (photos and description) to go on that is provided there. That makes it a challenge to buy plants online. The colour red that I want may not verge on blue or pink.

BackyardIn search of new plants

When I search for new plants I use the internet but I also go to a shop or garden centre. Most of the times the information tells you of you should place the plant in the sun or shade but not if it spreads fast with rhizomes or seeds. Like I have written above I want to know everything about the whole plant.


That brings me to the reason for making this website. I describe the plants very elaborately with photos of different stages during the season. This way I hope to help people who encounter the same shortcomings in the information as I have. That means that it may take a while before I have gathered all the information and photographs of a plant. At first the number of plants on my website will be small but it will grow steadily and that also goes for the amount of photos because all the photographs are of my own plants.

It is not my intention to sell any plants or anything else.

My garden

I live in the province of Utrecht in the Netherlands. It is a woody area with sandy and well-drained soil. The temperature in our climate varies between about 35 ºC (86 ºF) in the summer and -20 ºC (-4 ºF) in the winter and it rains regularly.

The front and backyard are not very big and both are very sheltered from the wind. The backyard is 4.5 metres (14 feet and 9 inches) wide and 18 metres (59 feet) long. The front yard is used for parking a car so that a small strip of garden remains of about 1 metre (3 feet and 3 inches) wide and 12 metres (39 feet and 4 inches) long.


If you want to know more about a particular plant and you do not see it on my website then please let me know by This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you tell me the name of the plant, if possible the Latin name, then I can see if I can help you. Maybe I already have a full description ready and all I need is some good photos. If not then maybe I can make the description for you.