The Chamaerops humilis is native to the Mediterranean area of Europe and is commonly named Mediterranean fan palm. The word chamaerops comes from the Greek. Chamai means dwarf rhops means bush. Humilis is Latin and means humble.

The Mediterranean fan palm grows slowly and compact and is an evergreen. The leaves are fan-shaped. Characteristic to the Chamaerops humilis is the thorny petioles and the multi-stemmed clustering habit.

The Chamaerops humilis is reasonably hardy. If you just planted it in your garden it is wise to cover it in the coming winter. I have not covered the Mediterranean fan palm after the first year and it has survived -20 ºC (-4 F). I have placed it in a spot that shelters it against the wind. Too much moist in the winter is the main reason why the Chamaerops humilis dies in the winter.

The trunk is covered by fibers that give protection against the cold.

Near the top panicles of yellow flowers are borne. You need a male and a female Mediterranean fan palm to get fruits. The male flowers are fragrant and the female flowers form in short panicles. The fruits develop on the female Chamaerops humilis and they look like dates.



Attracts bees: no

Characteristic: evergreen

Deer resistant: yes

Exposure: sun/ part shade

Flower color: yellow

Flowering time: June – July

Foliage color: green

Fragrant flower: no

Hardiness: -20 ºC (-4F)

Height: 9 ft 10 inches (3 m)

Soil: normal/ dry