The Arenaria montana is an evergreen perennial from the carnation family (Caryophyllaceae) and is commonly named mountain sandwort. The mountain sandwort is native to the mountainous regions of southwest Europe, from the Pyrenees to Portugal.

The Arenaria montana prefers soil that is not too dry, well-drained and sandy. Because of the shallow roots the mountain sandwort is vulnerable to drought. You may need to give the montain sandwort some extra water if it is dry for a long period. The mountain sandwort prefers a sunny to part shaded spot.

The Arenaria montana forms dense clumps that produce many white flowers. The mountain sandwort is a great choice for rock gardens and as groundcover and is tolerant to salt. In the right spot the Arenaria montana grows fast but not invasive. This is a very strong perennial that does not give up quickly.



Attracts bees: no

Characteristic: evergreen

Deer resistant: yes

Exposure: sun/ part shade

Flower color: white

Flowering time: May – June

Foliage color: green

Fragrant flower: no

Hardiness: -30 ºC (-22 ºF)

Height: 8 inches (20 cm)

Soil: normal