The Ajuga reptans ‘Atropurpurea’ is a genus from the Lamiaceae family and is commonly named bugleweed. Bugleweed is native to Europe and Asia.

The Ajuga reptans ‘Atropurpurea’ is an evergreen perennial that can be invasive. The bugleweed not only spreads through long stolons that grow above and underground and develop roots, but it also spreads through seed.

The Ajuga reptans ‘Atropurpurea’ is attractive because it has purple/red, shiny leaves and nice flowers and it is evergreen which means it has something to offer all year round. The bugleweed forms a dense carpet that chokes out weeds, which makes it a perfect groundcover.

The blue, non-fragrant flowers rise above the leaves and attract a lot of insects with their nectar.

The bugleweed prefers moist, humusy and well-drained soil in part shade, but it also grows in dry sandy soil and in sun and shade. Provide good air circulation in hot humid areas to avoid crown rot.

This perennial spreads fast and grows almost anywhere which makes it hard to get rid of if you do not want it in your garden anymore. It keeps popping up for years and if you do not remove the young plants immediately, your garden will be full of it again fast.



Attracts bees: yes

Characteristic: evergreen

Deer resistant: yes

Exposure: sun/part shade

Flower color: blue

Flowering time: April – May

Foliage color: red

Fragrant flower: no

Hardiness: -25 ºC/ -13 ºF

Height: 4 inches/ 10 cm

Soil: normal/moist